Detection of Errors and Correction
in Corpus Annotation

Software and Resources

DECCA code now on github:

(See older versions and updates below.)

Newer/related software:

Original DECCA software available for download:

decca on github 9/25/2017:
  • decca 0.3 code copied to github
  • minor index bug fixed (last token in corpus not skipped in decca-pos)
decca-0.3.tar.gz 10/18/2010:
  • added dependency error detection
(10/25/2010: updated dependency error detection component to fix a bug and include a missing module)
Decca-XML 11/15/2007:
  • initial release of conversion tools to convert CoNLL-X shared task tabular format and Malt-XML to Decca-XML
decca-0.2.tar.gz 11/02/2006:
  • added XHTML output for syntactic annotation analysis components
  • major bug fix for discontinuous syntactic annotation output
(03/16/2007: minor documentation update)
decca-0.1.tar.gz 10/02/2006:
  • an initial release of our code for analyzing part-of-speech tags (EACL 2003), syntax trees (TLT 2003), and syntactic annotation with discontinuous constituents (ACL 2005)
(10/18/2006: minor bug fix update)

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